A few words that define us.

Grand Digital

Grand Digital was founded to close the gap between entrepreneurs on the one hand and the tech-savvy on the other.

We, the founders of Grand Digital, have been clients at numerous digital agencies over the last few years ourselves. We know what we like and especially what we dislike, when interacting with a third-party building your digital product. Having been on the other side, we make sure that a project always keeps track of that sole goal: value for your organisation.

What we care

At Grand Digital we believe that growing a business is about functional products, not just beautiful. If you’re looking for a digital agency that can do sleek designs, perhaps look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a partner that is all-in to grow your business; you’ve come to the right place.

See you soon at Grand Digital.


What are you trying to achieve? Why does it bring value to your organisation? How do we test our assumptions as quickly and as cheap as possible?

2  Measurability of goals

The next step is to identify KPI’s that can signal whether we are on the right track to reach our pre-defined goal.

 Create MVP

Let’s figure out a way so that we can jointly and quickly test whether the product we envision actually is worthwhile to spend time and effort on.

 Quick deliveries

We aim to deliver as soon and as much as possible. The earlier we steer, the better the result ultimately will be!

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