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Beelen is the largest sustainable contractor in the demolition sector and has a solid reputation in integral waste management and recycling. The waste that is being processed by Beelen has a recycling percentage of 99.76%. That means all waste, that is collected by demolishing over 350 building per year, will be made into new raw materials. In this way Beelen contributes to a circular economy and a green future for this and new generations.

This software has highly contributed to the bigger digitization processes within the Beelen organization.

— Jelle Beelen, App manager


Beelen worked side-by-side with us to build innovative tools to serve her corporate clients with innovative software to manage the order and collection processes of waste containers. Informed by extensive user feedback and quantitative research, we built an experience that’s infused with the Beelen brand identity on several platforms: Native iOS and Android applications & ReactJS webportal.

Some of the more prominent app features:

01.   New orders

Beelen app users can order various container types on site, right from a smart phone. Ordering new containers for building projects can now be done in 30 seconds or less. Convenient right?

02.   Up-selling

The Beelen app allows and stimulates up-selling during and after the order process. Average revenue per order has increased significantly with users using the Beelen app as opposed to any other sales channel offered by Beelen Group.

03.   Insights

A convenient customer-facing dashboard gives insights mostly into efficiency and the cost of a project. In collaboration with Beelen customers the dashboard will be expanded and become even more relevant iteratively.