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Light is a top-notch insurance broker from Amsterdam. They aren’t the biggest player on the market and they don’t want to be either. However, they prefer to be the best and lead the way with their service, transparency and insights. Light rather challenges than defend and that keeps them focused.

At Light every single person pushes themselves time after time to work harder for their customers and to provide better service as they’re driven by improvements. The biggest players in the market want to determine the rules. However, at Light they change them and distinguish themselves from the competition to prove that the biggest players aren’t always the best.

A professional and very creative partner with a focused hands-on approach. Grand Digital has succeeded in developing a website & corporate identity within all deadlines that will support the digital identity of Light.

— Eric Schlösser, Director


For Light, we’ve been responsible for the entire rebranding of the organisation. In many sessions with people on all levels of the company, we jointly decided what Light is all about. The project ultimately included branding, communications and the new website for Light. Check out the visuals below, what do you think? Not your average insurance broker right?

The Light logo